Mission, Vision & Core Values

Smart Innovations School


Smart Innovations School is committed to helping students reach their full potential by implementing global best practices in education.

We provide equitable learning opportunities in a student-centered environment that is challenging, motivating, and inclusive.

The international teachers on our team foster critical and creative thinking, problem solving, and growth mindset while focusing on a research-based, progressive, global curriculum.


Smart Innovations School provides an innovative world-class education to create life-long learners who transform society.

Core Values

We act with RESPECT by fostering relationships as the foundation for learning, supporting students to be caring, empathetic, and tolerant, teaching students to anticipate and respond to needs as they arise, and working collaboratively with the school community.


We see the POTENTIAL in all students by creating equitable learning opportunities for all children, providing access to an innovative academic and social-emotional environment, and acknowledging the uniqueness of each individual and finding their strengths to build upon.


We strive for EXCELLENCE by setting high expectations for our students and ourselves, understanding and utilizing innovative teaching and learning practices, and empowering students to be critical thinkers and independent learners.


We are guided by an image of the WHOLE-CHILD by consistently illustrating, through words and actions, a belief that all students are unique and are viewed as partners in their learning, and provided with opportunities to express themselves in a multitude of ways.


We work with INTENTION by honoring the mission and vision of the school, exhibiting integrity, creating a thoughtful environment that fosters positive relationships, providing opportunities for learning and expression, using data and reflection for program improvement, and engaging in opportunities for professional growth.